The charity relies on volunteer collectors to support this great work, without them the charity could not of helped so many children, we can not thank you enough

Messi Football Raffle. Donations of Support

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All the great people below have volunteered their time to support the charity, keep an eye on the diary when you can help let us know, we may give you a nudge if there is a collection need you ?

  1. Scoot Denton           NE England
  2. Jason Hawkridge    Canary Wharf
  3. Lauren Read          NE London
  4. Adam Slater          Hertfordshire
  5. Andrew Starkey    SE England
  6. Jenny Bromfield    NE England
  7. Mark Smith           Hexham
  8. Joanna Hall         Anywhere
  9. Hoby Mike            Meadwood
  10. Caoimhe Patterson    London
  11. Millie Bean             NE England
  12. Judith Powell          Windsor
  13. Dorothy Mullins       Local
  14. Mark Smith             NE England
  15. Rosie Swift
  16. Ryan Dack            NE England
  17. Pat Titchener
  18. Donna Thirlettle
  19. Nicola Robertson Smith   Scotland
  20. Ray Gurvitz    London  Hertfordshire
  21. Lousia Brownless    Local
  22. Annie Ruthie           NE England
  23. Faye Wade
  24. Mel J Bray            Bristol
  25. Anne Mrrissey      Thirst area
  26. Paula Hinchciiffe   South Bucks/ Middlesex
  27. Benji Ben                  Sw19
  28. Jeff Abraham             Herts/Beds/Bucks
  29. Christopher Murphy  Southampton / Hampshire
  30. Jo Mcnicol               NE England London
  31. Owen Swift               Canary Wharf
  32. Pam Kenworthy         Bedfordshire Rushden Milton Keynes
  33. Linda Burfot  Local
  34. Robert McLaughlin    London
  35. Tom Burton                Local
  36. Emma White             Local
  37. Phil Gurvitz               USA
  38. Adele Doherty          London
  39. Malcolm James       Southampton/ Portswood
  40. Jenny Chapman      Herts North London
  41. Alison Brewin         Newmarket
  42. Joanne Francis       Surbition SOuthampton
  43. Mark Stevens          London
  44. Anthony Murphy      Cheshire
  45. Eammon O’Reilly    Anywhere
  46. Cath Nicol             NE & London
  47. Sarah Mckie         NE England
  48. Sarah Starkey       Hertfordshire
  49. Sean Hoban         NE England
  50. Matthew Francis     E London
  51. Andrew Rowley    SE England
  52. Seb Finch           SE England
  53. San Smith           NE England
  54. Mark Robinson    MIdlands
  55. Deorah Sarah Hollis  London
  56. Tom Ripley           MK
  57. Cheryl Stevens    Scotland NE England
  58. Sue Fisher          NE England
  59. Mark Johnson     London
  60. Katie Hanrahan   NE England
  61. Euan Starkey      London
  62. Ian Castle          Otley